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Current Music:Bukowski
Subject:one time out of ten, everything is perfect for us all
Time:11:32 am
Current Mood:sicksick
i finally hung out with diane this weekend. i miss her so much. hopefully ill see her today. i probably sound pathetic, but hell of miss her, shes my other half. we had fun just talking and going on a little revenge trip. crazy girls.
matt bought me a cd and im in love, i love it so much
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Current Music:none
Subject:for those rainy mornings
Time:11:33 am
Current Mood:apatheticapathetic
name: McKenzie
+` gender: female
+` height: 5'3''
+` hair color: depends on the month
+` eye color: brown
+` location: Tracy, California
+` fears: being alone


+` cheated on someone: No
+` fallen off the bed: yes
+` fallen for a relative: I might be from indiana…but no
+` had plastic surgery: no
+` failed a grade: no
+` broke someones heart: i dont know
+` had ur heart broken: not yet
+` done something you regret: yes
+` cheated on a test: yes
+` broken a body part: no


+` wearing: pajamas
+` listening to: matt playing video games
+` chewing: pretzles
+` feeling: wonderful, im loving the rain
+` reading: skinny dip
+` located: on my bed
+` chatting with: my dog
+` watching: nothing
+` should really be: taking a shower

SECTi0N>4: D0 Y0U_

+` brush ur teeth: yes
+` like anybody: maybe
+` have any piercings: yes
+` drive: yes and I HATE it
+` believe in santa: nope.
+` ever get off the pc: yes, all the time


+` who is ur best: matt danny diane and mario
+` the loudest: all of them are loud
+` shyest: matt
+` hottest: they are all sexy in my book
+` who do u hang out with most: matt mario and danny
+` laughs the most: danny
+` known the longest: matt
+` known the shortest/least: nichole
+` do u hang out with a certain "type": no way
+` do u belong to a crew: if the fatanios count!
+` consider urself popular: I have no idea what I am)
+` trust ur friends: for the most part yes
+` are u a good friend: I hope I am
+` can u keep a secret: yes….sometimes, I forget things alot


+` hugged: johnny
+` gave eprops to: and whats that
+` IMed: jon
+` talked to on the phone: ryan and mario
+` yelled at: brett
+` fell in love with: I don’t fall in love, I have a tough heart
+` tripped: im not mean


+` wat do u want to be when u grow up: something where I can write
+` wat was the worst day of ur life: I havent had it yet
+` the best day of ur life: when im having a good time
+` most embarrassing story: I have many but the first day of 6th grade stands out
+` what comes first in ur life: the people who mean the most
+` do u have a bf/gf/crush: no/probably
+` if u had an extra set of eyes, where would you put them: in somebody elses head


+` movie: life as a house
+` song: I havent decided
+` store: marshalls
+` relative: lauren
+` sport: swimming
+` vacation spot: lankawi
+` ice cream flavor: peppermint chocolate chip
+` fruit: banana and peaches
+` candy: I don’t really like candy
+` holiday: Halloween
+` day of the week: saturday
+` colors: green blue
+` name for a girl: i kind of like my name
+` name for a boy: im not sure

SECTi0N>9: D0 Y0U_

+` like to give hugs: yea
+` like to walk in the rain: oh I love it
+` sleep with or without clothes on: on
+` blue or black pens: black
+` dress up for halloween: maybe
+` have a job: APPLEBES!!! Aren’t I cool
+` like to travel: yes
+` like someone: why all these crush questions, you people know by now
+` sleep on side, stomach, or back: all positions
+` think ur attractive: some days I thing im alright
+` want to marry: yea
+` have a goldfish: no
+` have stuffed animals: packed away
+` go on vacation: sometimes

stephen deleted section 10. cuz he thought it was stupid.


+` pierced nose or tongue: tongue
+` be serious or funny: id rather be funny
+` single or taken: right now im single
+` simple or complicated: simple
+` law or action: action
+` mtv or bet:
+` 7th heaven or dawson's creek: dawson’s creek!! Sorry that was my summer show
+` sugar or salt: sugar
+` silver or gold: silver
+` tongue or belly button ring: tongue
+` chocolate or flowers: flowers
+` angels or miracles: miracles
+` color or black&white photos: black and white
+` sunrise or sunset: sunset
+` m&ms or skittles: m&ms
+` rap or rock: rock
+` stay up late or sleep: depends on who im with
+` tv or radio: cds
+` taller or shorter members of the opposite sex: taller
+` sun or moon: moon
+` diamond or ruby: diamond
+` left or right: right
+` 10 aquaintances or one best friend: one best frined
+` vanilla or chocolate: chocolate
+` kids or no kids: right now none
+` cat or dog: dog
+` mustard or ketchup: ketchup
+` spring or fall: fall
+` give or receive: recieve
+` rain or snow: rain and snow
+` lace or satin: satin, its soft
+` a year of hot sex or a lifetime of friendship: friendship
+` happy or sad: happy
+` corduroy or plaid: corduroy
+` wonder or amazement: wonder
+` sneakers or sandals: sneakers
+` McDonalds or Burger King:
+` duct tape or scotch tape: Duct tape
+` candy or soda: Soda
+` a house in the woods or the city: in the woods near a city


+` do u go to church: not for awhile
+` do u like church: sometimes
+` why or why not: because some of it just doesn’t interest me
+` wats ur favorite kind of tree: the willow
+` out of all ur friends who has the coolest room: well danny wont let me see his so matts

probly no one will ever read this but i was quite bord.
last night was pretty interesting. i had alot of fun. going to partys with those guys is the best choices i have made, i have hell of fun. good people.
im pretty worried about someone. eventhough our relationship has changed drasticly i still worry.not too much has really changed on how i see you as a person and i hope you know that. i try and tell you but im not to sure it really gets through. im happy i now have your friendship, i think things are better off this way.

danny im writing you and appology for friday and saturday. i truely am sorry and i will make it up to you. i dont even know if you are mad at me or anything because i havent talked to you, but im writing this just in case, to prove that i dont forget about you. you know how i am, flakey at times. but i try my best. i luv you mr. muzzi, and dont you deney it
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Time:08:19 pm
Current Mood:goodgood
i dont even know if this is going to update but im trying.
life has been pretty good lately. i have been having some fun over the weeks and school isnt all that bad.
danny's shows at tophers have been pretty fun. i like supporting the pasta man! but that was like 2 weeks ago, or longer im not even sure. lately i have just been all over the place. i have been driving to much and wasteing way to much money on gas.
mario found a concert of mars volta and the pixies playing in irvine and im so excited. i want to go so bad, i know i have already seen them but people werent really in the crazy kind of mood for it. but.. we need transportation and a place to sleep. so i dont know how that is working out. but in a few weeks me him casey and some other people are going to taking back sunday and i think that should be good. im in the concert mood lately. hopefully this weekend ill be partying with mario this weekend. thats always a good time.
well thats long enough for me.
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Current Music:color blind
Time:09:32 pm
Current Mood:contentcontent
school is back and summer is gone. its acctually not as bad as i thought.
my house still hasnt sold. im happy about that. there was a close call though. yesterday, but it fell through.
work is alright i guess. im getting really sick of it, there is alot going on in that place.
i hung out with mario today. which i havent really done in a couple weeks. it was nice just talking to him and hanging out.
hopefully ill be able to hang out with ryan tommarow. i really want to.
sunday im going to danny's show at chris's. danny is great! he looks so cute playing bass up there. everyone else is dancing around all crazy and danny is just smiling playing bass. hes a happy little kid
well im finished
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Time:12:16 pm
three days of summer left..i dont know what im going to do with myself.
i havent been updating so i dont know what to write in it now. everything exciting happened during the last two weeks.
im still moving, but the house hasn't sold yet so i got some time left. I dont know tho, moving might acctually be good. fuck im going to miss alot of people here. i dont really know what to think of it right now.
i've decided to be a good big sister and take alaina and her little friend to a movie. im sweet huh?
well thats enough for me! the rest of you enjoy the last days of summer and ill see most of you in school.
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Time:06:59 pm
last week i found out that im moving. not accross town but back to indiana. it was very sudden and there is no explanation other than my parents just want to go back. i hate that this is going to happen. i dont want to leave at all. but i guess that's life.
its not the town im going to miss, obviously, but all the people here that i have a life with. so ill probably be gone in november..who knows. im just going to do as much as i can while im still here
so far this week has been ok. i finally got rid of the truck. i kind of miss it but the mini is soooo much bewtter. ryan left for a week. i got my wisdom teeth ripped out of my mouth, so at the moment i look like a hampster. thats about it
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Time:11:36 pm
i think i should quit this..im not dedicated
my cousins came and went. i had alot of fun with them being here. i miss seeing them as much as i used to..so depressing..
i got stuck in a ditch the other day, thanks to matt and my brother. man that was an experience. i learned i have not skill or tools to dig myself out of a ditch. thank god for the little mexican man who happened to have a huge tractor near by. he got us out after we were trying for over an hour.thats something i never want to do again.
4th of july was alright, nothing that great. i should have stayed here and went around with brett but instead i went to san ramon.
im done
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Time:11:28 am
Current Mood:anxiousanxious
i finally got that job i have been wanting for so long. if anyone out there likes Apple Bee's ill probably see you there. ill be the one cleaning up after you! o its so wonderful. i feel like their slave. but atleast im getting paid for it. the first 4 days of summer have been pretty well spent. i have been thinking alot lately though, just about everything and how things might turn out.
i love flea markets. they are so much fun, everything is soo cheap!
i cant wait for when my cousin comes. i have been wanting here to come out here since i moved here and she finally is. but only for a week. its better than nothing.
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Current Music:lionel richie
Time:10:51 pm
Current Mood:excitedexcited
well hi kids
things have been going good
ryan took me out to dinner. i think that was my first "date" he's so sweet.
dianes running around right now trying to find her glasses!! OO she found them!!!behind the toilet!!! what silly girl..were going to get drunk!!! just me and her..what a NIGHT! anddd we saw mean girls with matt and danny!! i havent just hung out with them in a long ass time. it was nice. we have to start going we have saturday school tommarow and im planning to get out early.
ta ta
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Current Music:quiet
Time:09:41 pm
Current Mood:disappointeddisappointed
im getting frustrated with my computer..or this thing. id ont get it. =
friday was kind of not fun. wow.so many people drunk. i dont like drunk people driving. not cool.
fuck im so fucking bord. i could be at jens party but...im at home cause i had to go to berkley. DAMNIT I WANT TO GO!! or be with ryan.
i love you diane and dont think any different!! ok? ok.
i currently have no door on my room and its creepy. i feel like people are watching me sleep. i cant wait until its back on.
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[icon] Kenzies playhouse
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